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  • From the Secretary of Geeta Bajaj Bal Mandir Sansthan

The Geeta Bajaj Bal Mandir Sansthan, of which the Geeta Bajaj Women’s Teachers’ Training College is an integral part is the dreamchild of Late “Didi” Shrimati Geeta Bajaj, who founded this fabulous institution to realize her vision of ensuring that the girl-child of Rajasthan was not deprived of education as had happened with herself. Inspired by the advice rendered to her by Mahatma Gandhi in his condolence message on the untimely demise of her husband -- she was barely 17 years old, hardly educated till the 4th standard in a village school, and was carrying a child to be born a few months later--

Sh. Gurdev Singh

Geeta Bajaj struggled all her life, first to obtain proper education for herself, and then to painstakingly establish, brick by brick, this great institution comprising the Bal Mandir Senior Secondary School, Women’s Teachers’ Training College and which were renamed to include her own name after she attained nirvana in August 1995. The Sansthan also runs a Women’s Hostel for the benefit of students coming from outside Jaipur.

The philosophy of our college revolves around the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi which inspire Hope, Vision and Integrity in the thinking and lives of his pupils. It is our mission to make available quality education to every female child so as to free her from the clutches of illiteracy, poverty and misery. Geeta Bajaj believed that the only way to inspire any society towards ensuring education for all, was to educate its women -- she was firm in her conviction that by making one woman educated and enabling her to teach others, we can build a great and secure future for all our coming generations. Our mission, thus, is to ensure all-round development of the nation’s women-folk and to inspire them to adopt Gandhian ideology by way of proper education and to maintain a sustainable flow of enlightened educators who can carry on the flame of this awe-inspiring way of life.

  • From the Principal

Dear parents/students

Women represent one half of humanity. All talk of national development is incomplete without education of women. National growth is possible only when educated girls are at the forefront of national development.  Education has given them a new confidence. I feel proud to say that our college is working with this motive.

Our college follows an open door policy which means that students can talk, discuss and share their views anytime with Professors or even with the Principal.

Our education stresses on the overall development of the personality of pupil teachers. We provide ample opportunities for inculcating a positive attitude. We lay emphasis on practical and multidimensional education. We have tried to provide opportunities for making our pupil teachers in to smart and confident women teachers of the new millennium.


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