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  • Important Enthusiastic Events of Geeta Bajaj W.T.T. College

  1. The Foundation Day – The foundation day of this great institution was laid on the auspicious Day of Guru Poornima. This is the day when the new Students- Teachers are introduced with the ideals and values of the institution.

  2. The Death Anniversary Day of “Geeta Didi” The Founder of the Institution – The loving memories of the Geeta didi is refreshed every year on the 3rd August. On this day the Institution religiously follow the Inter College – Bhajan Competition in her memory.

  3. The Independence Day – This Day is also celebrated in the Institution with great enthusiasm towards the Nation. By celebrating this day, the feeling of patriotism is inculcated in the future teachers. The great Martyrs and freedom fighters are remembered for their sacrifice and devotion. The Patriotic programmes and activities are beautifully presented by the students – teachers of the institution.

  4. The Teachers Day – Every year on 5th September, the birthday of our First President Dr. Venkat Rati Radhakrishan is celebrate as the teachers Day with great zeal and motivational Spirit. The Teachers and Lectures are honored on this day on the bases of their trademark performance and cent percent result.

  5. The Gandhi Camp – This is the prominent event as well as the tradition of this Institute. It is held from 28th Sep to 2nd Oct to encourage the values and ideals of our “Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi”. Flowers Decoration, Slide Presentation with Inter College Competition are organized. This is the 5th Day Camp and everyday is started with Sarvdharm Prathna and an extempose lecture on Gandhian Philosophy.

  6. The Human Right Day – Every Year on 10th December, this day is celebrated in the institution by organizing many activities such as short plays , Quiz, Inter house Competition Lectures to make the student – teachers aware about the human rights and duties.

  7. The Republic Day (26th January) – This is the another day dedicated to our country. The Student – Teachers do so many patriotic activities to tell the importance and utility of our Indian Constitution which came in existence on this day in 1990.

  8. The Women’s Day (8th march) – In the Institution, which foundation was laid by a great lady (Geeta Didi) and the Student are also girls, so how can this encouraging day can be forgotten,, the students- teachers are made aware about the condition, status, rights & duties of the Indian Women.

  9. The Fun Day – Picnic – After the hectic schedule throughout the year, the students – teachers and Lecturers get themselves re-energized through the picnic. The feeling of Sharing sympathy & team leading are inculcated in the students – teachers.

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