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  • Deferent Labs (B. Ed.)

Technology Lab - with the expansion of Science & Technology in all fields, it is necessary to have a Techno Lab in the field of education. It makes the teaching process interesting and easy.

The Main Objectives of Techno Lab:

  1. To motivate the student for the scientific application of technological equipments.

  2. To develop scientific attitude in pupil – teachers by systematic uses of teaching materials.

  3. To use various mediums of technology to make the teaching effective like OHP, Slide Projector, Computer etc.

  4. To give knowledge to the students as how to make and use flash Card, Magnetic Cards and transperencies etc.

  5. To give knowledge of hardware and software approach in teaching.

Equipment available -L.C.D. Projector, T.V. , Radio, D.V.D, OHP Slide Projector, Models, Charts, Film Strips, CDs etc.


Psychology Lab -It is very important for a teacher to understand the psychology of students. So we have designed and developed a psychology lab where pupil teachers apply and study in a practical manner. It consists of test-material for different psychology tests.

The Main Objectives of Psychology Lab:

  1. To make the students aware about the various psycho – learning difficulties in the class – room.

  2. The psychology Lab is Specially designed and developed in the institution for the student teachers to make them understand about the psychology of the students in the practical form by conducting various important test.

  3. Its main objective is to enable the students to conduct and use the result of major tests such as – T.A.T.,C.A.T., Rorschach – Inkblot, test, Mohsin – Shamsad’s Bell Adjustment Test, Jalota’s Intelligence Test, Attitude Test, Mental Ability test, Self- Confidence Test, Creativity Test, Bhatia Performance Test etc for effective learning in further education.

Major Psychological Test - T.A.T, C.A.T, Rorschach Inkblot Test, Mohsin Bell Adjustment Inventory, Attitude Test Mental Ability Test, Self Confidence Test, Creativity Test, Bhatia Performance Test of Intelligence etc.




Language Lab -Now a days Good communication skills are today a pre-requisite for any student, which provides her an edge in today's competitive world. Language Lab plays a very vital role as it improves the language speaking ability and confidence of a student, there by improving their communication skills.

The language lab aims to the development of major languages i.e. Hindi, English and Sanskrit. The various equipments such as charts, models, audio assets, CDS are used to increase vocabulary, improve pronunciation, composition writing, reading and speaking skills of the pupil teachers.

The Main Objectives of Language Lab:

  1. To Improve Phonetic Skills

  2. To Develop Effective Communication Skills.

  3. To Develop Confidence to carry out a simple conversation.

  4. Removes hesitation from Students mind


Home science Lab - Laboratory is a spacious room where in a group of students carry out their practical. Our home Science laboratory is a separate unit. It is two times large in the size of an ordinary class-room. It is so because for covering different areas of the curriculum adequate space and equipment have to be provided.

  1. It is planned in such a way as to have a flexible arrangement of equipments and materials.

  2. It is attractive and gives home appearance.

  3. It has adequate storage facilities.

  4. It is well equipped and furnished.

Adequate provision of lighting and good ventilation, good provisions for watts supply.


Computer Lab - Basic computer literacy is very important for leading a success the career. Therefore it is essential to help student teachers to familiarize themselves with computers and enhance their knowledge which will help them to withstand with their developing world. 16 computers and printers are available in this lab.

Objective of Computer Lab:

The beautifully designed Computer Lab consists 16 computers and printers & internet and its main objective are –

  1. To use the computer for an individualized instruction as it is one of the important hardware devices among educational devices.

  2. To provide the students an enrichment of a course through added variety by this novel technique.

  3. To use the computer as an English laboratory computing device for effecting teaching such as printing report cards, storing and retrieving rest and examination etc.

  4. To give knowledge to the students to select particular information that is needed through internet which is also in turn is translated back to an understandable form by the learner.



Library is an integral part of any educational institution. It helps in the cognitive development of both teachers and pupils we have a well furnished library with a huge collection of books, journals, magazines related to all subjects.

  1. To avail maximum quality study material to the student teachers.

  2. To inculcate adequate library ettiquette in the students.

  3. To introduce with various eminent author and publishers.

  4. To motivate the students for the reading habit and self-studies in a peaceful environment.

  5. To provide wide source of knowledge through reference books, journals & newspapers to the staff members and students.

No of books - 7121
No of journals - 16
No of periodicals - 04 (24 Vol.)
No of Encyclopedia - 29

Library has the seating capacity of 60 students at a time.


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