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  • Main Activities of College

  1. Assembly Manner

    (a) Prayer
    (b) P.T.
    (c) Yoga

  2. Academic Manner

    (a) Regular Teaching
    (b) Orientation Programme
    (c) Language Skill
    (d) Writing Skill
    (e) Cultural and Heritage Education
    (f) Objective Based Teaching - Workshop
    (g) Micro Teaching - Workshop
    (h) Block Teaching
    (i) Evaluation item - Workshop
    (j) Conferences, Seminars
    (k) Extension Lecture
    (l) Continue Evaluation and Observation

  3. Shram Manner (Labour)

    (a) Shramdaan
    (b) Campus Neatness
    (c) Gardening

  4. Art/Craft Manner

    (a) Painting
    (b) Stitching
    (c) Embroidery
    (d) Tie & Dye
    (e) Flower Decoration
    (f) Paper Machie
    (g) Soft Toy
    (h) Pot making
    (i) Gift Cards

  5. Cultural Manner

    (a) Welcome Party
    (b) Gandhi Camp
    (c) Occasional Festivals
    (d) Annual Function and awards
    (e) Good Luck party

  6. Awareness Manner

    (a) Case Study
    (b) Field Research
    (c) Socio-Metric Study
    (d) Campaign - AIDS day, Human Rights-day, Red Cross day, Career day, Women day, Hindi Diwas etc.



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