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Late Smt. Geeta Bajaj, a Veteran social worker, Gandhian, freedom fighter and educationist, became a widow at a very young age of 17 years, in 1936. Her husband late shri Girdhari Lal Bajaj was a nephew of Seth Jamna Lal Bajaj, whom Gandhiji had described as his fifth son. As such Smt. Geeta Bajaj had an opportunity to be with Gandhiji at Wardha during her seventeen months of extremely shorts bliss of married life. Till then, Geeta Bajaj had hardly received any education - she had studied only upto 4th class in her village school. Gifted with native intelligence, her nearness to Gandhiji gave her a great insight into her own personality. She developed the qualities of quiet fortitude, dedication, hard work and selfless service. Gandhiji had noticed these qualities in her and that is why his condolence note on the demise of her husband was an extraordinary message which ultimately moulded her whole personality. Gandhiji wrote "JAISA TUMHARA NAAM HAI, WAISA TUMAHARA KAM HO - WIDHWAPAN AUR SADHVAPAN TO SAMAJ KI MANYTAIEN HEIN. YATHA NAAM TATHA GUN KO APNAKAR GEETA NAAM SARTHAK KARNA". Translated into English it meant : "As is your name, so should your deed be ; the state of being a widow or a married woman be are mere terms spoken and accepted by the society. Let y our name be fully realized in your deeds".

Her Inspiration - Mahatma Gandhi (BAPU)
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Needless to say, the holy Gita also exhorts one to do one's duty, it is not only desirable but is also honorable. What followed later in the life of Geeta Bajaj is a grand saga of devotion to a certain cause, Which became a perfect example of the teachings of Gita.

Following the birth of her daughter Krishna (who was born three months after her husbands death), Geeta Bajaj secured her asmission to Vanasthali Vidya Peeth and later to Kashi Mahila Vidyapeeth for her High school education. It was here that the plunged herself into the great historic struggle for freedom of india in 1942. it was an inspired act of patriotism, and her spirit remained undeterred even after she was expelled from Kashi Mahila Vidyapeeth. Her silent courage and determination not to yield in the face of any kind of adversity, Came from an inherent strength of character which made her unmindful of strains and physical tortures. She emerged as one of the bravest fighters for the freedom of India. She was arrested and imprisoned in Lahore Jail where her physical health was completely shattered but her spirit remained unscathed and undaunted.

India's independence was coming closer and her spirit, as of all indians, was soaring high, but her physical health again nose-dived and she had to be operated upon for intestinal T.B. With superhuman will she recovered again to complete her intermediate from Pilani and then graduated from Benaras University itself.

India had now become independent, and she was a free citizen of a free country, but with an unyielding mind imbued with the philosophy of selfless service, she decided to embark upon the scared task of emancipation of women in Rajasthan, by undertaking a project of educating the backward in general, and women in particular. Her vision was clear-She had not only to make women literate but also responsible and self-reliant. She Knew that it was this breed of women alone who could keep India's freedom intact.

It was 7th July, the auspicious day of 'Guru Purnima' in 1952, when under the thatched roof (chhappar) where she lived with her daughter in a small rented room, that the first seeds for fruition of the scared task of education for the downtrodden were sown. The first to be picked up were four or five children of backward classes in the Moti Doongri area of Jaipur. What a humble beginning ! With simply no resources expert a resolute will and spirit, she literally followed the message that Rabindra Nath Tagore had tried to convey in his song 'EKLA CHALO RE' (March ahead - all alone) when she embarked upon this exhorted her to do, unmindful of obstacles and results.

With benevolent understanding and the blessings of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Pandit Jai Narain Vyas (the then chief minister of Rajasthan), a piece of land measuring 10,000 sq.yds was alloted to the institution of her dreams,. Then came the year 1954, when the Government of Rajasthan granted formal recognition to her primary school and after that there was no looking back. In 1970 the school was upgraded to Senior Higher Secondary standard and residential facilities for S.T.C for women were also created. A single woman, a singular dream and what a spectacular success ! Yet, the dreaming spirit, undaunted by difficulties and unflattered by success, did not rest till she had secured one of her cherished goals of opening a B.Ed. College for women with residential facilities, in 1976. She felt relaxed but not relived at all-she knew that the next mission was to make it a top ranking institution. She wanted to relive the ideal of her mentor Bapu the Father of the Nation, in all respects.

Geeta Bajaj introduced all her Gandhian ideas to teach and train the students in the manner Gandhiji had willed. Education imparted in this institution concentrates not only an academic excellence but aims at developing a Harmonious all-round personality. Extra curricular activities bring forth dormant talents of the students and inject confidence and belief in themselves and their capacity. The skills of weaving and spinning, gardening, scouting / guiding and sports, are all aimed at building self reliance. The medium of instruction is Hindi.

The institution is today one of the foremost educational institution of Rajasthan for education of women and it's performance is exemplary. It has approximately 800 students today. The facilities in all classes including nursery, are very satisfactory and efforts are continually being made to improve them.

Geeta Bajaj, even though Gandhian to the core, never lost sight of the needs of modern times. She had the great trait of striking a balance between the old and the new without losing the firms roots of morality and Gandhian ideals. Computer learning has been introduced and provision for advanced facilities are in the offing.

Mrs. Geeta Bajaj died in harness after an illness of 3 weeks, on August 3, 1995. The progress of the institution and the students, and the welfare of teachers and their training, were present in her mind throughout the period of her illness. Even though the baby had blossomed into a full grown person, she was still 'conscious of the things done but the undone vast'! Her spirit was still keen to soar higher.

Late Smt. Geeta Bajaj was a saintly soul, a great patriot and a dynamic social reformer - a true citizen of this great country, whose life and deeds will always remind us that we can also make our lives sublime. She moulded the destinies of several women and they are still spreading her message of simple living and dedication to human values and social service throughout the country.

Today, the scared cause of emancipation of women and illiteracy, and the task of making them educated and self reliant, is being furthered with the same zeal and a dedicated team of workers who have worked very hard, shunning the glare of publicity, all because of their belief and faith in the Gandhian ideals of selfless service.

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